— Popup Store Materials

︎Company ··· Reebok
︎Website ··· Reebok
︎Service ··· Key Visual + Concept
︎Language ··· English + Native
︎Agency ··· itworks!
︎Pitch ··· October 2018

Take it back to the ‘90s. With classic, modern and future Running silo’s all co-existing harmoniously, utilize this relationship to celebrate the authentic and storied history of the Aztrek to Reebok then, now and in the future.

︎ Warning: This video contains fast flashing images. It may cause discomfort and trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.
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A Rogue Co.
South Africa Coffee Shop

︎Company ··· A Rogue Co.
︎Service ··· Brand Identity + Packaging
︎Language ··· English
︎Agency ··· Nebula
︎Pitch ··· July 2019

A Rogue Co. a coffee brand in Cape Town. Focus on unique and well-crafted food + drinks, outstanding customer engagement and a relentless pursuit of excellence and delight.

︎ Video specs: 764x1080  ︎ 2 MB

MOVE Magazine

︎Company ··· Move Magazine
︎Service ··· Brand Identity + Layout
︎Language ··· Native
︎Agency ··· Neo Bloom
︎Pitch ··· May 2019

— MOVE Magazine is an independently owned entertainment and lifestyle publication focused on music, art, food and technology.

︎ Video specs: 1280x720  ︎ 4 MB

Municipality of Basiskele

︎Company ··· Municipality of Basiskele
︎Service ··· Brand Identity + Packaging
︎Language ··· English
︎Agency ··· Nebula
︎Pitch ··· January 2018

— The Municipality of Basiskele with the formation of different districts; symbolizes peace, hospitality and friendship as these districts can live together happily. It promises a future for tourism and investment due to its location and natural beauties. Thanks to the importance it attaches to education and educational opportunities, it guarantees the future it promises.

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Ads Leaderboard
2018 — Youtube

︎Company ··· Youtube Turkey
︎Website ···
︎Service ··· Key Visual + Concept
︎Language ··· Native
︎Agency ··· itworks!
︎Pitch ··· January 2019

— The YouTube Ads Leaderboard 2018 showcases the top ads that people choose to watch awards

︎ Video specs: 1920x1080  ︎ 20 MB